Hand crafted custom build seats


I have ridden several countries on my bike, like you I understand the importance of a decent seat


Every rider has different needs for his /her seat


Together we can create a good handbuild quality seat 


I am specialised in motorcycle seats and only motorcycle seats.


Would you like a good seat made for you, contact me via mail





During my search for the ultimate material I found the ultimate foam for you.

The seat has to be build up with 3 foam layers, body foam-cell foam-finish or comfort foam

A good seat has the correct shape, which is possible with my foam. Gel inserts are a waste of money

In order to make a seat I always need your bike in my shop.

It is not possible to make a seat just on my counter bench .

The seat is always positioned on your subframe with a certain angle.

That can not be achieved without the bike, and I need to try the seat between making the layers of foam .


3 Foam layers

* Depending on your weight: foam sg 110, 140, of 160.

* Cell Foam

* Comfort Foam 75/500



I get many requests for Gel:

Gel is a good material for bicycles, totaly unsuited for motorcycles .

My professional advice is not to buy any seat like that in the aftermaket.

A good seat needs the right shape and foam!



Raymond de VriesMaterials